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Prefectorial system forms the backbone of administration and that is a means through which leadership qualities are developed in the students. Responsible and dedicated students recommended by the house masters are appointed as prefects, house captains, girls captain and school captain. They are grouped into committees looking after discipline, sports, co curricular activities, mess & dining etc. The various committees are monitored and guided by the Head Boy and the Head Girl who directly report to the Principal.



Extra Curricular activities are designed to boost up the confidence level of the students. For the purpose, students and teachers are grouped in to six houses namely Cauvery, Ganga, Krishna, Godavari Penna and Yamuna. Each house functions as a family under the care and guidance of the house master and the tutors. The house captain and the vice captain lead the house. Inter house competitions in sports and games activities are organized throughout the year. Students participate in different categories such as seniors, juniors and sub juniors and vye for their house positions. Medals and trophies are presented to the individual winners and chapionship trophies to the winner houses.